Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art

Hello again!  I’m Katie from View From The Fridge, and I’m so excited to be back this month with an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft.  I’m not sure about you, but I still love pallet art.  AND … I love it even more when there is no sawing, cutting, nails, or screws involved!

The secret?  Wood shims.  They’re cut to size.  They’re super cheap, and they’re easy to paint and work with.  The shims came 42 to a pack, so I got just a little carried away and made three pallets.  I happened to buy mine from Lowes … for $3.87!  Not bad for three pallets!

Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day


Pick your favorite or make all three!  Here’s how …


Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day


Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

  1.  Pack of ‘contractor shims’ … I used a total of 11 for each pallet (9 on the front, 2 on the back to hold all the pieces together).
  2. Mix your paint colors.  I used a total of 6 shades of green made with mixing 3 shades of green craft paint.
  3. Paint your shims and let dry (I had to do a couple coats).
  4. Use two shims as your ‘frame’ for the back.
  5. Get out your wood glue, and apply a generous coat to your two frame pieces using a foam brush.
  6. Stick your painted shims onto glue in the pattern/order desired.
  7. Once all your shims are in place … let your pallet dry.
  8. Print out a shamrock shape, cut out, and use as a template.
  9. Decide on placement of shamrock, trace lightly onto pallet with a pencil.
  10. Paint inside of shamrock white.  I used two coats.  Then, once paint is dry, using a copper sharpie marker, I traced around the outside of the white shamrock.
  11. Now … if you intend to hang your pallet art, cut some ribbon or twine to length and attach to back.  I simply used two thumbtacks, and it worked perfectly (see … I said no nails or hammers required).
  12. Hang and admire {or set on your mantel, shelf, or countertop …)
Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

Ombre Shamrock Pallet


Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

Embroidery Floss Shamrock Pallet

To make this one, simply follow the same instructions as above for painting (obviously this time I used gold paint) and assembling the pallet.  Then, for the shamrock:

Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day


  1. Using your shamrock template (I used the same template as the first pallet), nail in tacks all around outside of shape.  I lied … hammer is required here.
  2. I used several shades of green embroidery floss.  Starting with the darkest shade, I simply started weaving the floss around the outside of the tacks, then randomly across between tacks.  I stuck to the bottom third with this dark color.  Start and finish weaving your floss by tying a double knot around one tack.
  3. Using the next darkest color, I started wrapping the floss around the middle tacks.   I continued this for each shade of green until the entire shamrock was covered.
  4. Again, if hanging … tack on ribbon or twine to back of pallet.



Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

LUCK Chevron Pallet

For this pallet, I painted the front shims the same Ombre colors as the first (I did them all at the same time).  I assembled the pallet,  and let the glue dry.  Then, using green chevron scrapbook paper, gold sparkly scrapbook paper, and the work LUCK that I printed and cut out for a template …

Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

  1. I traced the printed out letters onto the gold sparkly paper, and cut out.
  2. I glued the letters to the green chevron paper and let dry.
  3. I then cut the scrapbook paper into pieces the same size as the shims (total of eight strips of paper).
  4. I applied mod podge to shim, stuck strips of paper in place, and applied more mod podge over the top of each strip.

So … there you have it!  Three easy & inexpensive pallets to add some ‘luck’ to your decor for St. Patrick’s Day!

Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day

Best part?!?  Total price for all three pallets … $6.55 (that’s $2.18 a piece!).  It helped that I had all the paint, scrapbook paper, wood glue, and tacks on hand … but even if you had to buy these items, too … still quite a bargain!  Not decorating for St. Patty’s??  How about creating some fun Spring or Easter pallets … or Summer (I’m counting down the days…).

Thanks for having me today!  I’ll be back next month with more craftiness.  Until then, you can find me here:

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  1. Thanks for these great ideas, Katie! I have been wanting to do an embroidery floss sign for a while– this idea is perfect! I love all of them.

    • Thanks so much Madison!! Yes … I’d have to say my favorite of the three is the embroidery floss one! I’ve been dying to make one of these since Christmas! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of your week!

  2. I love these pallets so much, Katie! I agree that my favorite is the embroidery floss pallet, but all three of them are just so awesome!

  3. Great project! I’ve never even thought of using those to make a mini pallet, I might be having a new craft project in my future. I love the St. Patrick’s day theme you went with.

  4. All three of these are fabulous! I had no idea about shims, this is so great to know. Cheap and easy to work with? Sounds like my kind of craft supply. Thanks for the tutorial katie, these turned out amazing.

  5. I love them all! Don’t make me choose I favorite!
    And THANK YOU for giving me something to refer my husband to next time he questions my overwhelming desire to buy shims at Lowes. He gave me the funniest look last time I told him I needed some shims on hand for projects. I just couldn’t come up with WHY I needed them. 🙂 Now I know!

  6. These are all adorable!!!!

  7. So cute, love how these turned out. Great idea using shims.

  8. Great idea! Thanks for sharing how and linking up at @DearCreatives party!