Easy Hoop Hamper

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Hi there, crafters! I’m back this month from Just Mom Matters with not just an easy project, but one that’s useful, too: a hoop hamper.

This little ditty takes under five minutes to complete and will cost you roughly five bucks, if you don’t already have the required items on hand. And not only can this be used for a clothes hamper, but it also makes the perfect (and eco-friendly) dryer lint collector for a small laundry room. Use it in place of a plastic grocery sack and turn it inside out to empty its contents into the trash once it’s full.

What you’ll need:

* One embroidery hoop – 12 or 14 inch size
* One standard size pillowcase
* Ribbon, rope, or twine
* Optional stain and wipe-on poly sealer

1. If you prefer to stain your embroidery hoop, do so first allowing ample dry time between stain and sealer. Let dry overnight before assembling the hamper. (I applied a little gray stain and wipe-on poly I had on hand.)


2. Unscrew the embroidery hoop so that the inner ring releases. Slip the pillow case through the inner ring hoop–the one without the metal tightening screw on it–and fold the top of the pillowcase over it evenly.



3. Slide the outer embroidery hoop over the folded pillowcase so that the inner ring fits snugly. Adjust the pillowcase to even it out, if needed.


4. Tighten the screw on the embroidery hoop until the pillowcase is secure.


5. Pull ribbon, thin rope, or twine through the open space below the screw to secure in a knot.




6. Tie the ribbon around a doorknob or hang the hamper on a hook. So simple and so cute, too!



Until next month,


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Mary Evett is best known for being a stay-at-home mom of 3 athletic boys and turning thrift shop finds into fashionable DIY projects. She has a degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and spent time in the real world working in advertising and marketing, but she found her niche after becoming a mom and refinishing her first piece of furniture. She writes about her testosterone-driven life on her personal blog JustMomMatters, and is a regular contributor to ModernMom, the Bump, eHow, Examiner, GlobalPost, and SFGate. When she’s not playing the referee or writing, you’ll find her in her garage sanding, painting, cutting, or gluing something together.

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  1. Very clever and easy!