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Hi, Crafters! It’s Erin, back this month from The Blue Eyed Dove. One of my favorite spring traditions is planting flowers. I’m not much of a garden person {the thought of seeing a snake while digging around in the dirt terrifies me!}, but I sure do enjoy getting out my flower pots and adding some life to them with flowers. A few years ago I got tired of looking at my colorful flowers in brown, and orange pots and decided it was time to spruce them up a bit too. So today, I thought I’d share one of my easy flower pot makeovers with you.


  • Flower Pot
  • Spray Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush

FLower Pot Art How-To


1. Apply spray paint as your base coat onto the flower pot. Allow paint to dry. {Note: My flower pot was already all white, and I decided to keep the top edge white.}

2. Next, use painters tape to block off the area(s) you wish to keep a certain color. Then apply your second spray paint color. Allow paint to dry and remove tape carefully.

3. Use acrylic paint to add your design. {Note: You will probably need to add a few coats of paint here since acrylic paint is thin.}

That’s it!

Oh, and of course you’ll want to add some flowers once the paint dries 😉

Flower Pot Art Before and After

Very quick, very easy!

Doesn’t my old white flower pot look much better now!?

Flower Pot 6

Full of lots of color, and lots of life!

And if you are in the mood to see even more color head over to my blog and take a peak at some of my other projects.

Happy June!


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Erin is a born and raised Hoosier. She attended Indiana University where she studied journalism. After taking a break from writing post college, she realized something was missing from her life and started her blog, The Blue Eyed Dove. Erin is a self-proclaimed girly girl and loves all things crafty. She is a big fan of color and tends to use it a lot in her home décor and DIY projects. Even though she is crafter by heart, like any true girly girl Erin also enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, entertaining and party planning, attempting to learn how to cook and make healthy recipes and discussing some of her favorite Bravo Real Housewives from time to time on her blog.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these cute and unique flower pots! I’m looking to brighten up my patio with some pots of flowers and I’ll have to try out this craft. Do you know if acrylic paint will hold up through rain?

    • Glad you liked the flower pot, Eliza! I left my pot outside on my outdoor patio all summer long. I used acrylic paint for the design and it seemed to hold up fine all season long. I’m sure over time the sun will cause it to fade, but then you just get repaint it again 😉

  2. Making your flower pot look unique is a fun way to individualize you home a bit. I really like like how you used a few colors on your pot to make it look more creative. Your final product of your planted flower in the pot looks very cute, I would love to get some creative pots.