Dollar Store Decor: Spring PomPom Balls

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Whimsical isn’t my style three seasons out of the year, but in the spring, I always crave decor touches that are unexpectedly fun. When I found pompoms in perfect colors at the Dollar Tree, I knew they could fill my spring whimsy craving.

I wandered around the store looking for more inspiration, and ended up in the pet section! That’s were we all shop for craft projects, right? My wandering paid off and I found a three pack of small doggy 1″ balls, and a two pack of big dog tennis balls. A project was born – Spring PomPom Decorative Balls!

Look how pretty everything looked dumped out on my craft table! If you follow me on Instagram you already got to see this preview a few weeks ago. I’m sure you were wondering if I was ever going to show you what I made.

Materials for Pom Pom Decor Balls

Assembly was really fast & easy. I had all five balls covered in pompoms in well under an hour. I applied hot glue in sections to attach 5-6 pom poms at once.

Making a Pom Pom Spring Decor

Here’s the comparison between a finished ball and one of the naked dog toys!

Finished Pom Pom Decorative Ball

When I was done, I had three of the smaller balls and two that were tennis ball sized. Making them was great, but figuring out what to do with them was my favorite part. They were really soft and fun, so I starting off trying to juggle them. That was a big fail. It went much better when I tried to incorporate them into spring table settings!

First, I went with the most obvious option and put them all in a pretty bowl. I wanted this set up to be casual and really fun. I found some neutral fabric in my stash and used it as a partial runner to add to the more casual feel. I needed some height so added some Easter egg picks in champagne glasses on each side of the centerpiece. On the outside, I used the candy jar vases I made a few weeks ago. This entire table was pulled together with items from around the house!

Fun Spring Table Decor - Dollar Tree Pom Pom Craft

For the second option, I wanted a more formal setting balanced with the whimsy of the pompom balls. I added two more place settings because six automatically feels a little more formal than four to me. I used my diy spring vase  in the center with fresh flowers and added some thrift store candlesticks. The blue water glasses where exchanged for wine glasses, and the pompom balls were spread out along the center of the table. I love that they are unexpected!


My total cost for this project was $5. Three packs of pompoms and two packages of dog toys – all from Dollar Tree. I love frugal projects like this! To see a third way I worked these decorative balls in my decor, be sure to pop over to my blog today.


 Melissa George from A Prudent Life


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  1. So cute! I love the different ways you used them!

  2. Those are super cute! I think I’m going to see if my 10yr old dd wants to do this for Spring decorations. Thanks for sharing.