DIY Updated Yarn Wreath



Everybody has seen the beautiful yearn wreaths all over pinterest for the past few years. They are still just as cute as they were when the first came on the scene so today I wanted to remind us all how to make one! Here’s what you’ll need . . .

  • Foam/Straw/Styrofoam wreath (sold at craft stores for $2-$3) or a pool noodle wrapped into a circle with duct tape
  • Yarn – any kind, I used a #4 medium weight
  • Felt flowers or your choice of embellishments
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/string for hanging

There really are only three steps to making a simple wreath like this one, the first (and most time consuming) is to wrap your yarn.  Start by spraying a small patch of glue onto your wreath and wrapping the yarn around it very tightly a number of times.  If it’s a little bumpy no worries because this will be the place you put your embellishments.  The spray adhesive bonds very quickly so you don’t have to worry about slippage.  Try to keep a short distance between your wreath and yarn skein so you don’t get any accidental tangles – which is the worst part and take this from a 2-3 hour project to who knows how long. After wrapping the initial section of yarn you can start wrapping it with spaces. Once you are a full way around the wreath just keep going, filling in the spaces and making sure you are pulling the yarn tight the whole time until you don’t have any more foam peeking through.  I like to periodically spray a bit of adhesive and wrap over it just to keep everything nice and strong. After you are finished wrapping all of your yarn make a small knot on the side you want to be the back and spray a little adhesive on it.  Cut the yarn right after the knot.


Now that the yarn wrapping is (finally) done, you can move on to the fun part of adding your decorations!  I am using some felt flowers that I made from felt. If you are using store bought flowers they will probably come with brackets on the back of them, just pop them off with an X-acto knife. Attach your flowers with spray adhesive or hot glue.  Apply the glue to your flowers and not the wreath so you don’t have glue where you don’t need it. You will probably want to lay them out and figure out your design before you do any gluing so you don’t have to peel them off and have ugly stickies where you don’t want them!  Make sure to press firmly for 30 seconds to help the glue set or you might have to redo it.  You can also use a round tipped sewing needle and pin through the flower into the wreath.  This is good if you want to be able to switch out your flowers/colors.


The final step is to attach your ribbon or string that you will hang the wreath with. I chose to go with nothing this time around since there is so much going on at the bottom of my wreath. Viola! Enjoy!

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