DIY: Sea Glass

Processed with MoldivHey, Crafters! I’m stopping over from Just Mom Matters this month with a fun glass project. I’m a sucker for an easy craft project and since I’m somewhat of a glass jar hoarder anything to do with glass especially piques my interest. When I heard how simple it is to tint glass, I was eager to try it out. This tinted sea glass project worked perfectly, too, since I already had all the materials on hand.

Feel free to use any color to tint your glass and make it as light or as dark as you’d like. For darker results, just add a ton of food coloring to your glue and water mixture. If it’s still not dark enough, repeat the entire process from start to finish once your glass container has finished baking and has cooled completely.

And if you’re a glass hoarder, like me, and are feeling extra crafty, check out my Make Your Own Mercury Glass tutorial for another easy DIY glass finish.

What you’ll need:
* Glass jars, cups, bottles, plates, or candle holders
* Mod Podge
* Water
* Food coloring
* Bowl and spoon for mixing
* Foil-lined cookie sheet
* Paper towels

Using a ratio of 3:1, pour three parts Mod Podge into a bowl or measuring cup, then add one part water to the bowl to thin out the sealer. Stir until it has a nice, smooth appearance. A little goes a long way, so keep that in mind if you’re only doing one or two jars.



Add food coloring. The more color added to the Mod Podge the darker the tint on the glass. I wanted a light greenish-blue for a finished product that resembled sea glass so I only added 7 drops of blue and 3 drops of yellow. Stir until a uniform color is achieved. Allow the mixture to rest until the air bubbles disappear.



Pour the colored Mod Podge mixture into your glass containers and turn and roll the containers around until the inside is completely coated.



For BEST results, allow the containers to dry upside down overnight on a foil lined cookie sheet. After a couple of hours, pick up the glass and use a paper towel to wipe away any excess Mod Podge that may leak out onto the rim of the object. Return it, upside down, to the cookie sheet to dry.


After 24 hours, turn the glass container over and peel away any dried Mod Podge residue from the lip or rim of your container. Place it right side up on a clean cookie sheet and bake at 175 degrees for 45 minutes.




Important Tips: These Mod Podge tinted containers are for decoration only. To make your decorative glass containers last longer, do not submerge in water. Use white school glue in place of Mod Podge, if desired. Always water down the Mod Podge before tinting since using full-strength Mod Podge can result in longer drying times, in addition to more drips and streaks.

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  1. how do I make my DIYsea glass washable

    • Erin Kennedy says:

      Unfortunately, these are for decoration, and can’t be washed. They can be wiped down.