DIY Santa Statue


During our recent move we lost a leg to our couch. It was one of the ones in the middle that you can’t see from any angle so we finally got around to replacing it. All we did was go to home depot, find a table leg, and have them cut it to size. We got lucky that the screws were standard size, so it was that easy. But we ended up with about 8 inches of a wooden leg left over. I can’t throw wood away so I made a Santa statue!

What you’ll need . . .

  • tall and skinny block of wood
  • red, white, black, gold acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • cotton balls
  • coffee filter
  • hot glue gun and glue


Here’s how I did it . . .

To start, sand the top, bottoms, and edges so everything is nice and smooth.

Then paint your face. Don’t worry about his mouth – it’ll be covered! Painting the face first gives you the balance of where everything else will be.

Next up, paint the parts you want to be red. To help with this I pulled up a picture of Santa so I could remember what he wore, and get an idea of how I wanted him to look when I was finished. I decided on a simple Santa in a red suit with a black belt, and a hat. So most of my block was painted red.

Once your red paint is completely dry, it’s time to add your beard. I folded a coffee filter around a few times so it looked like a triangle and hot glued it right under the face. I needed a few extra strips to glue onto the sides to make the beard appear fuller!


Once you’ve got your beard done, add some cotton around Santa’s hat. I chose not to add one to the top, but you could! Then just paint your details. His belt, gloves, a stocking, a bag, his boots . . . anything you can think of!

Do yo have any Santa’s around your house? What about any Christmas DIY’s?

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