DIY Pinata for a Pirate Birthday Party


Hey My Crafty Spot Friends! It’s Ashley from 3 Little Greenwoods back to share an awesome tutorial for How to Make a DIY Pinata!

When our youngest son asked for a Pirate Birthday Party with fun pinata I searched everywhere but could not find one that I like or could afford.

So I made one of my own! Let me show you how I created this Pirate Flag DIY Pinata from simple supplies you may already have at home.

DIY Pinata: Materials Needed

  • One large, empty cereal box
  • Black crepe paper streamers
  • White crepe paper streamers
  • Hot Glue and glue sticks
  • Plastic Zip Ties
  • Masking tape



DIY Pinata: Instructions

This DIY Pinata begins with a large, empty cereal box. Carefully take the box apart.

Reassemble the box with the printed outside on the inside and the plain cardboard facing out. Use hot glue to hold the box together sides of the box together. Turning the box inside out hides the colorful pictures and print of the cereal box.

Important! Use masking tape to secure one end of the box. Why masking tape? You do want the children to be able to “bust” the pinata, right?

Leave the other end open until you are ready to fill it with goodies. After all the goodies are inside seal that end with masking tape too.

Use black paper streamers to cover the outside of the box. Since this is a Pirate Flag Pinata I glued strips of torn streamers across the box to give it a ratty pirate flag feel.


The cross bones were made using white streamers that were scrunched up then glued down the the shape of pirate flag cross bones.


Three plastic zip ties were used to make a hanger for the pinata. See image below to see how I did it.


Fill with candy and your little pirates will be ready to whack away! This DIY pinata cost less than $5 to make and can be customized for any birthday party theme.


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AMAZINGLY simple tutorial for How To Make A Pirate Ship Cake! Perfect for a Pirate Birthday Party! #BoyBirthdayIdeas #pirateParty #PirateShipCake


Happy crafting!

~ Ashley

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