DIY Paper Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

I’ve always been a party person. I have been hosting and organizing parties since I was in elementary school and for a long time thought I would become an event planner of some kind. I never did, but I still love gathering people together no matter what the reason for celebration is. With the Chinese New Year coming up, I decided to throw together a little party plan to celebrate! Chinese New Year is one we don’t hear a ton about, so it was fun getting to research it a little and make my own decorations!


For our little celebration, I decided it would be really fun to make my own fortune cookies. As much as I love eating them, having paper ones made for a fun decoration piece and we could fill them with whatever “good fortune” sayings we wanted to!


These fortune cookies are really easy to make, but one thing I did learn is that they need to be a specific size to work. You can experiment if you want but I highly recommend sticking to the same size as the directions below!


Step 1

Start with a 4 in circle cut out of your favorite cardstock. You can trace a lid and then cut from that, use a Silhouette machine or even a craft punch that is that size.

Step 2

Write out your fortunes

Step 3

Fold top half of circle down to about 2/3 of the circle. Then fold the other half up over it. Don’t crease the entire thing just yet. Place the fortune inside the folded paper.

Step 4

Lightly pinch together to form a crease as shown.

Step 5

Fold the open sides backwards towards each other so that the open sides are opposite of each other.

Step 6

Place a small dot of hot glue in between the two open pieces to secure.


Repeat with as many as you’d like! I bought a to go style container at the craft store and adding some filler at the bottom and then displayed the cookies like that for the party! It’s so fun to use a bunch of different kinds of paper to create a really festive look!

For more details on the party we threw, plus a look at some at home Asian dipping recipes, check out the post on my blog!

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

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