DIY Paper Crowns – A NYE Must!


New Years Eve is my second most favorite holiday. For years I worked so hard to set up the perfect new year’s eve. Sparkly dresses, champagne cocktails, lots of glitter . . . but there was always something missing.

Until 2010. In 2010 on December 31st, I ‘officially’ met my the man of my dreams. He would say that day led us on our journey to fall in love. I , of course, would say we fell in love that very day. . .

because we did

Since then our New Years Eve’s have been a little different. Sometimes there’s still sparkly dresses, sometimes we’re just in jeans, and this year we’ll be in our pj’s.

But one thing is still the same from those days before I met my handsome husband . . . I always wear a crown.

Here’s what you need to make these simple, but fun crowns.

  • Toilet paper rolls – 1 roll makes 2 crowns
  • Scrapbook paper/card-stock in your preferred colors and design
  • Stapler with staples
  • Headbands or ribbon
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Scissors

and the how to . . .

Cut your toilet paper roll in half – 1 half is 1 crown. Then cut your card-stock down to fit leaving about an inch on the top.


Place 1 staple on the outer edge to hold the two together, and then roll the paper around to cover it completely. Place a small line of hot glue along the edge to keep it in place and cover the staple.


Once the glue is good and dry, cut the top of your card-stock into crown shape. This part is really up to you – how tall do you want your crown to be? do you want it simple? triangles? jewels? whatever your heart desires . . .


Now for the headband . . . Place your crown where you want it on your band – I recommend slightly off to the side – and place 2 small drops of hot glue on each side. Hold it down for a few seconds and then set it down to let it completely dry.


and then you’re ready to wear your crown all around the town.

How are you ringing in 2015?



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