DIY Nautical Nursery Art


DIY Nautical Nursery Art


What you’ll need:


  • 3 12×12 canvases
  • 3 2oz bottles of acrylic paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Vinyl
  • Contact Paper
  • Acetone (optional)

Start by cutting out the chain link background using your silhouette machine and stretch it in the studio to match your canvas size. Initially I thought I could use one chainlink background for all three canvases, but the pictures turn out much better if you used a fresh vinyl each time. The vinyl will cost less than the canvas, so in my opinion it’s worth it.

Next cut out your nautical shapes, you can choose from a whale, crab, and anchor. (I used contact paper and it worked just fine.)

Lay down your chain link texture on your canvas. Take the whole decal off the vinyl backing and take time to position it on your canvas evenly. Press down on the vinyl when you’re comfortable with your positioning to stick it to the canvas. Next, lay down your nautical shape on top of that**. MAKE SURE they are sticking to the surface well to ensure you get clean lines.


Pour out a generous glob of paint and apply the paint to the canvas using a dabbing motion. Start at the center and paint out from the main decal.


Work all the way out to the edges wiping the paint with the brush only when the paint gets thick and kinda bubbly, being careful not to wipe the vinyl/contact paper up (you don’t want to get paint underneath the design).


Paint slowly. Whatever rate you’re using, cut it in half and really take your time getting the paint on well without lifting the design.

Once you’ve painted the top of the canvas remove the vinyl and contact paper together revealing the design. If you have any white areas that got paint on them simply take a cotton swab and some acetone and carefully wipe away the excess paint. It won’t be perfectly clean, but it will help it look better.

Finally, paint the sides of the canvas and lay it down to dry for a few minutes.


Now admire your work!


**Use this tutorial to cut .pdf files with the silhouette if you don’t already know how.


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  1. Very cute project, Lindsay! I just love the nautical theme for kids rooms!