DIY Ice Bowl


Life is short.  Moments fly by in seconds so fast and days so full, time simply slips away from us.  Try as we might, it’s hard to slow down to take it in and remember how sacred and extraordinary each moment in this life is.  Sometimes it’s good to do something for the sheer beauty of it.  It may not be practical, or very useful, or last very long but gosh darn it, it’s pretty and it should be enjoyed.




I loved how this DYI made me slow down taking the time to pop the blueberries in my mouth one at a time and watch the ice slowly melt away.  It made me remember that life is transitory and this moment will never be repeated, no matter how much you want it you can never have it again.  Now it’s here, all crystallized in its icy wonder and when it’s gone, all we have left are the memoires.


I have begun to feel that way about my life lately.  It’s about finesse, it’s about the extra attention and care that you put into the everyday; the love you spoon out into the world.  Not to philosophize too much but life is like an Ice bowl.  What I love most about these delicate bowls of ice are their fleeting nature and the natural whimsy of the patterns that come out.  There is a certain amount of unpredictability with how the items freeze and the shape that the bowl will take on that I love.  They melt though.  It’s one of two things ice does best, liquefy and make things cold.

So, in the honor of the ephemeral nature of life, I give you the Ice Bowl.  Its beauty lies in its fragility and impermanent nature.  It’s as striking in its display as it is in its design.  I recommend taking the time to make one, serve with fresh fruit or creamy ice cream, or simply use it as a summer time  centerpiece to remind us all of the momentary nature of beauty and life.


You will need

  • 2 bowls that nest, meaning one fits into the other, you will want about 1 inch of space between them
  • Water
  • Flowers, fruit or herbs
  • Masking tape
  • Space in the freezer


How to

Fill the larger of the 2 bowls with enough water that when the second bowl is pressed in the level reaches to about ½ inch of the bowl rim

Arrange flowers, fruit or herbs to desired location in the larger bowl

Nest the second bowl into the first weighing it down with water or rice

Use masking tape to keep the second bowl centered in the first

Freeze until solid

Remove bowls and pour hot water in the smaller nesting bowl to release it

Then dip larger bowl in warm water to release it from the ice bowl

Freeze until needed





In the words of the new Disney Ice Queen, let it go…but make sure you take the time to enjoy it before you do,

Marcella Rose




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  1. This is so beautiful! My mom use to do this, but in old milk cartons frozen with bottles in the middle. Then on our Thanksgiving table we’d have a pretty way to keep our sparkling cider chilled!