DIY Gift Tags


It’s Erin, back again from The Blue Eyed Dove.

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet!? How about the wrapping your Christmas presents spirit!? If not you still have about a week to get there 🙂

For those of you that are in the spirit I have a fun, resourceful craft for you today!

DIY Gift Tag

Do you have any leftover Christmas cards laying around?

You know…maybe one you messed up on and couldn’t possibly send out…maybe you keep them year-to-year like my mom does and need to get rid of them, but can’t bring yourself to throwing them away…or maybe you bought some on sale last year, but found even cuter ones to use this year and now are stuck with a box full of unused Christmas cards.

If any of these scenarios apply to you you’re in luck… because I’ve got an idea for you!

When I was little I remember my grandma had the coolest Christmas tags on our presents. And what I loved about them most was that they were all unique.

Little did I know then, but she used the fronts of old Christmas cards for the gift tags. So she made a very resourceful decision when she decided to recycle those old cards for our Christmas gift tags.

Basically, I used her concept for this craft and added my own sparkly twist to it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Gift Tags Supplies

Christmas Cards (old, new or whatever you have lying around)

Glittery Scrapbook Paper

Glue Stick


Hole Punch


Gift Tags Collage


1. Cut out the portion of your Christmas card that you would like to use as the tag. Note: You might be able to get more than one tag out of your card…bonus!

2. Glue the card onto your glittery scrapbook paper.

3. Cut around the Christmas card cut-out, leaving a small border of the glittery scrapbook paper.

4. Use the hole punch to add a strategically placed hole onto the gift tag. Or you can tape the tag onto the gift if you prefer.

5. Add some ribbon to your gift tag and attach it around the present’s bow.

And you have your very own DIY gift tags!

Gift Tags 8

Very easy, unique and super resourceful!

Gift Tag 9

Feel free to stop over and see me {and all my Christmas decorations and other crafts} here.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’ll see you in 2015 😉


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