DIY Family Movie Night Kit

Family Movie Night KitWe’re always looking for fun ideas to do as a family in our house–as I’m sure is the case in most houses. This DIY Family Movie Night Kit I put together to surprise my family with was one of those fun ideas that was a blast and a big hit with the kids!

The idea is simple: Get a brown grocery bag and fill it with all of the ingredients needed for a movie night (two-three movie options from Red Box, one bag of popcorn, and wrapped candy), and let them unwrap it! It’s like a party in a bag.

I chose about seven types of candy and wrapped individual serving sizes so that we all got a choice of what candy we wanted (there’s five of us), and we had two options left over just in case some options weren’t favored.

family_movie_night 2

family_movie_night 3

Family Movie Night KitOf course the choices of movies you put in there will depend on what your family likes. My boyfriend’s children are cartoon lovers, so I included two cartoon movies in there for them to choose from.

I put all of the necessary ingredients for a fun movie night into the bag, stapled it shut, and printed out a “Lights, Camera, Action” printable that I whipped up in Microsoft Word quickly that said, “Admission to one fun movie night (All necessary ingredients inside!)”

Family Movie Night KitThe icing on the cake was that we made a massive fort in our living room filled with pillows and blankets that we all watched the movie under. It was a perfect way to spend quality time with each other and have a fun family night while not having to splurge on movie tickets!

What are some fun things you do as a family? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Wish you would post or share the Movie Night Printable!