DIY Dog Leash Holder

Hi everyone! It’s Cat from The Rustic Willow! I have one of my favorite recent projects to share with you today. I few months ago my sister came to me with a problem she was having: She had nowhere cute to store her dog leashes. I empathized with her because my dog leashes are just thrown in my closet–and everything needs it’s own cute way to be displayed, right?! Right.

DIY Dog Leash HolderI wanted the holder I designed for her to be simple but still adorable. I came up with this holder with the popular saying, “Live, Bark, Love” on it. To add a little more of a doggy touch I traded in the “i” for a dog bone, and the “o” for a dog paw.

Materials you’ll need:

Wood (Mine was 5″x14′)
Paint in the color of your choice for background
Black Paint
Paint Brush
Silhouette Portrait Machine
Vinyl (You can draw the letters by hand if you don’t have a Silhouette)
Modge Podge
Paint Sponge
Two hooks
Sawtooth Hanger for the back

First, paint your board in the color of your choice. I chose blue because it matches my sister’s house, but I’ve had multiple orders with other colors and they all come out great.

Then, you’ll need to design your saying in the Silhouette Studio. I just used the words “Live, Bark, Love” and then used clip art photos of a dog bone and dog paw and dragged them to their respective places. Place your vinyl on your cutting mat. Trace the words in Silhouette Studio, set your blade to the suggested number, load your mat, and cut!

Once your words are cut out, place them on the wood and make sure they’re centered and straight. Apply Modge Podge to the letters with a paint sponge–this ensures that no paint drips under your stencil when you’re painted your letters.

dog_leash_holder (3 of 11)Once that dries, take a paint brush and paint in the letters. Since you used modge podge you’ll be able to paint without worrying about your paint seeping under the vinyl.

dog_leash_holder (4 of 11)While that’s drying, paint your hooks black. If you start with black hooks, then skip this step. I bought gold hooks from The Home Depot, and I wanted them to match my sign so I used this time to paint them black.

When the paint is dry, remove from the vinyl from the wood.

Now, measure out where you want your hooks to go: Mine were two inches from the left and right sides, and an inch from the bottom. Use your drill to drill two holes–screw your hooks into these holes.

DIY Dog Leash HolderIf you’ve decided to use a sawtooth hanger, then attach it to the back. There are other ways to hang the sign–choose what works best for where you’re displaying your holder.

And, voila! Your pups will be so happy that their leashes have a home–and you’ll be so happy they’re not just thrown on the counter.

DIY Dog Leash Holder

DIY Dog Leash Holder

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