DIY Decor: Creepy Halloween Books

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Hey there,  MCS readers! I’m stopping by from Just Mom Matters this month with the perfect craft to get you in the Halloween spirit. Even though it’s still in the 90’s here in Houston — with absolutely no relief in sight —  I’m getting excited about fall and decorating for Halloween.

I’m anxious to pull out the Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns I posted about a couple of years ago, and thought this year I’d add some creepy Halloween books to my decorating mix.

Full disclosure — this project is messy and time consuming, but EASY. Anyone can do it and it only costs a couple of bucks to complete. Check a thrift store, garage sale or the books for sale section in your local library for super cheap hardcover books to use and find Halloween goodies for a bargain at any big box superstore or craft store.

What you’ll need:

* Hardcover books
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Paper towels
* Mod Podge
* Paint brushes or foam sponges
* Plastic Halloween figures
* Foam letter stickers
* Black paint
* Metallic gold paint

1. Place the Halloween trinkets and foam letters on the books until you find a layout and title you like. Puffy letters work best, as you’ll see from my pictures. The Hocus Pocus letters were much harder to see once the project was finished.


2. Attach the plastic Halloween figures to the book with hot glue. Remove the paper backing from the letter stickers and press them firmly on the book cover. I also added thumbtacks to the corners.


3. Brush a small amount of Mod Podge on the cover — enough to attach one paper towel.

4. Dip a paper towel in water, wringing out the excess. Lay the paper towel on top of the Mod Podged cover, smoothing it out with a brush and topping with more Mod Podge until it is sufficiently attached. Using a stiff bristle brush, like a stencil brush, press the paper towel into all the tiny crevices. Continue the process until the entire book is covered in paper towel and allow it to dry. And wrinkles are good, don’t worry.


5. Apply black craft paint to the book cover and allow to dry before dry brushing the details in metallic gold.



6. Dip a paintbrush in metallic paint and blot almost all of the paint off of the bristles before lightly going over the Halloween details and letters. Allow to dry. (I covered a couple of the books in some metallic glaze I found in my paint supplies before dry brushing the gold metallic paint)



7. Brush a coat of Mod Podge on the book cover for protection and added durability.

IMG_0336_opt 8. Set the books around your house for some creative Halloween creepiness.



Check out my crafty tutorial on Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns to learn how to make your own Frankenstein, like the one pictured above.

Happy Haunting from Mary at Just Mom Matters 🙂

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