DIY Contemporary Wall Painting

Hi everyone! I’m Kayla, a new contributor here from Home Coming. I’m so excited to be here today to share my latest art project with you!

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

We’ve recently just finished up our Master Suite Remodel, so I’m excited to finally start talking about other things! But with how amazing our second floor Master Suite looks, I felt like I needed a dining room refresh to really make the home feel a bit more cohesive. I have plans for some new dining room chairs and a stair runner, but those will likely take me some time to make design decisions. One thing that was really simple to give the space a quick refresh however, was the artwork.

While I enjoyed how our dining room looked prior, it needed a little excitement. Here’s a before photo.

DIY Contemporary Painting | Home Coming for

Using an old canvas we had laying around from our apartment living days, I started working on a contemporary style piece of art.

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

Contemporary can mean a lot of different things, but what I love most is the free-ness that it has. There’s no right or wrong way to paint. It’s (typically) not even supposed to look like anything when you’re finished. That gives you the freedom to play around and not have to fear that you’re doing something wrong – or you’re not good enough. To give you a better idea of this style of art, one of my favorite contemporary artists is Michelle Armas.

Unless you’re a creative person, I know painting can seem a little scary and daunting. So my biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid! Anyone can paint in the contemporary style, because there really are no rules. Want to just throw paint on a canvas and see what happens? Do it! Want to pretend your a kid again and paint nothing other than lines and polka dots? Do it!

There’s no rhyme or reason to the overall style of this painting, but what there is reason to is the order in which I painted.

What does have a rhyme or reason is the order in which you apply colors to a painting. I’d recommend to break down your painting into layers. Starting with the color that’s the “furthest back” first, then painting layer, over layer. For me, this first layer was adding a white coat (since my canvas was neon green).

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

Then, I moved onto my blue’s and greens’. Again, there’s really no reason why I painted things the way I did or in the places that I painted them. I just rolled with it! I had a few inspiration pieces in my head from Michelle Armas and a couple of other artists, but really just rolled with it.

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

Then my next layer was the pinks, reds, yellows and oranges.

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

Make sure that you allow each layer to dry before applying your next color  – unless you’d like your colors to run together! My last DIY painting’s intention was for the colors to run together, so I made sure all of my paint was wet. But with this painting, I wanted all the paint to feel very layered and separate from each other.

For anyone that’s interested, here’s the type of paint that I use (available at Michaels) and the colors that I used for this painting.

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

And here it is! Overall, it took about 2 hours (with dry time) but cost me $0 since I used a canvas and paint I had around the house!

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

Want to see other art projects and DIY’s that we’ve done – come check them out at Home Coming!

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