DIY Colorful Bohemian Tassels for Bags

I’ve been wanting to make a big, colorful, crazy tassel for ages. In this tutorial, I’ll show how to create one of these bohemian beauties of your very own. It’s such a versatile accessory: right now, mine’s clipped to my favorite clutch, but I can see one or two of these tassel on a straw beach tote, or even on car keys- anywhere that you want to add a little pop of color.
To begin, you will need:
  • leather craft lace in assorted colors (can be found at your local craft store)
  • yarn in different colors
  • scissors
  • a purse, clutch, or key fob


1. Cut the leather craft laces into equal pieces. The length of your tassel will be half of the length of the pieces you cut (i.e. a 10” piece of fabric will yield a 5” tassel). I used between 10-15 pieces; experiment with the number of pieces to create the desired thickness for your tassel. I mixed both brown, gold, and purple lace to add variety.
2. Gather up the pieces into a bundle; try to arrange them so that the ends match up evenly. Take a new piece of leather lace and slip it underneath the center of the bundle.
3. Using the piece you just slipped under the middle, tie it around the bundle and knot tightly.
4. Fold the bundle in half, keeping the knot on the inside of the fold. (In other words, make sure that the loose ends of the knot are folded down along with the other pieces.)
5. Using the loose ends of the leather knot, wrap the leather piece around the bundle as tightly as possible, and knot. If you need to use more leather strips to secure the tassel, wrap additional leather pieces and knot. This creates the tassel’s head.
6. Trim the bottom of the tassel in order to even out the leather strands. Put the tassel aside for now.
7. Take the yarn and wrap around your hand 100 times. Cut to separate from the spool.
8. Using a 10” piece of yarn, slip underneath all of the loops. Then, carefully slide the loops off of your hand, making sure to hold them together.Step8
9. Tie the 10” piece of yarn around the loops as tightly as possible.
10. Cut the opposite ends of the loops one by one; trim in order to keep the lengths even. (At this point, you can take another piece of yarn and tie it around the top, like you did in Step 5, creating another tassel. Or, you can leave the yarn as it is, which makes it into more of a pom-pom.)Step10
11. Take the piece of yarn you used to knot the loops, and tie it to the leather tassel.
12. Create more yarn pom-poms in different colors by repeating Steps 7-10; tie them to the leather tassel at different lengths.
13. Voila! You now have a tassel with tassels on it. You are the Queen of Tassels!

cat-does-thatCat Surface is a wife and new mom currently living in Fort Worth, Texas. In between pureeing baby food and cuddling her son, Augie, you’ll find Cat crafting and DIYing as fast as she can while her baby naps. Cat documents her family’s activities on her personal blog, Cat Does That.


Twitter: @Catdoesthat


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  1. Cheryl Otto Cunningham says:

    Hi ~ I desperately want to change an ugly mustard colored purse to a bright, happy blue. I’ve searched the internet and haven’t found any consistent answers. (I want to match a lovely pair of flats.) It’s a Miche purse and is a good quality purse. If anyone has tried this I’m guessing you have an answer and a tutorial.
    So, for now here is what I’m going to try:
    1) scrub up the surface so it will grip paint.
    2) prime it
    3) paint with fabric paint
    4) put on a protective overcoat.
    My problem is that this is all guesswork, and no experience. So if you have anything to share, I’d be grateful.
    Cheryl ~