DIY Button Art

diy button artHi all, happy summer!! I love doing fun little projects in the summer, which is how this project was born. I was fiddling around in my craft room thinking of something fun to make to waste some time, and I stumbled upon a bag of letter beads and buttons. Oh the possibilities!

For those of you who don’t have random bags of buttons and beads in their drawers (er, most people), then you can easily find these items at Michael’s or any other craft store.

Materials needed:

  • 1 piece of wood (mine was roughly 5″x10″)
  • paint in the color of your choice
  • a paint sponge or brush
  • letter beads
  • buttonshot glue & gun

First, I fired up my glue gun and then searched the Internet for a quote that I loved. I settled on: “When you love what you have you have everything you need.” I know there’s supposed to be a comma in there, but I didn’t have a comma bead, so please no one call the grammar police on me!

Then, I painted my piece of wood turquoise.

diy button artWhile that was drying, I laid out my beads and buttons in the design I wanted to the side of my board.

Once the paint was dry, I glued my beads and buttons onto the board. You could measure precisely where your beads and buttons should go, but I didn’t bother. I wanted this project to be fun and not too tedious!

I love how this little diy button art turned out–it’s an adorable addition to our living room shelf!

diy button art



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Cat is a social worker and journalist with a degree in Media Arts & Design from James Madison University. She lived in New Orleans for the past two years working with the homeless population but recently relocated to Denver. In her spare time she is crafting, cooking, decorating and creating anything she can. She believes the most delicious meals and the most beautiful decorations are homemade. She loves to experiment with her recipes and crafts to provide delicious and unique meals and crafts at an affordable price. She loves to travel, soak up new cultures, photograph everything and anything, and live life outdoors.

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  1. Wow, I never knew lettered beads could look so good! They always seemed like a juvenile craft item to me. Also, this would look great as a card too!