DIY ‘Beaded’ Leather Bracelet


Accessories can change an outfit from boring to bangin’ just with the easy of putting snapping an earring. But sometimes jewelry can be expensive, but a silly little thing like money shouldn’t stop a girl from keeping her options open. So today I’m gong to share a quick and easy DIY for a ‘beaded’ leather bracelet.

Needed –

  • 1 yard of craft leather per bracelet needed
  • puff paint in a variety of chosen colors
  • scissors
  • marker/pen for sketching


how to –

Step 1. Cut your leather to size if needed. At my craft store the leather came in different lengths – 2 yards being the smallest. I only wanted one bracelet so I knew that would be enough. After wrapping it around my wrist to find the desired look, I found it was a little less than half that was needed. So I just cut it in half to make it easy.

Step 2. Sketch out your design. If your leather is a bit thicker than mine you can do more than just a singular line. But to be safe and not make mistakes once you’re painting be sure to sketch it out.


Step 3. Puff paint away! The puff paint is the magic behind this little craft. The puff makes it appear to be beads on a bracelet. So it’s important to take your time and move with caution trough this step.

Step 4. Let dry. Puff paint dries pretty fast normally, but I let my finished bracelet sit overnight just to be sure.

Step 5. Enjoy!


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