Crystallized Candles

Crystallized Candles
There is something magic about candles. The flicker, the color, the warmth, the glow, it all combines to bring a sense of comfort, peace and calm as soon as you touch match to candle. Sometimes after a hectic day or a rough evening, I will light a few candles around the house and move throughout the even-fall in their glow. It brings a tranquil effect to my home and does a lot to mellow out my mood. It’s surprising how just adjusting lighting can affect your attitude and change a normal evening into a special one; bath time into spa time, bedtime into romance.  It’s as easy as that to change the whole ambiance of your space. Candles, no longer needed for lighting, have now become a celebratory prop; birthday candles on a cake, a votive on a romantic table, simple paper bags transformed into luminaries, lighting your way to a party. A candle may be small but its power and ability is mighty.

This winter at Marcella Rose’s I have been enjoying decorating with the season instead of against it. Throwing up wispy white curtains instead of my thick velvet ones, setting the table with bouquets of bare twigs and sticks from the yard instead of store bought fresh cuts. I am leaning in, accepting the winter for all its wonder and splendor. Instead of pushing against the chill and dreaming of spring and summer I am relishing in the now, and bringing the beautiful stark-white bareness of this wintertime inside; welcoming it with open arms. For soon the spring will come, it will be here with all its majesty and the simple beauty of winter will be just a memory. So when I saw a photo of these Crystallized Candles, I knew I had to make them. They seem to almost whisper, “winter” with their shimmery glittery-ness. This craft is cheap, easy and sure to bring the last moments of winter’s magic to your home.
 Crystallized Candles
Crystallized Candles
Crystallized Candles
Crystallized Candles
You will need:
  • Glass containers filled with candles
  • (​Any shape will do but straight sides make this easier. I got my candles at the dollar store, they are a perfect shape and they burn lovely.)
  • Epson salts
  • Glue
 Crystallized Candles
How to
  • Paint glass with glue
  • Pour salts into a flat rimmed baking sheet or plate
  • Roll glue coated candles in the salt until covered
  • Allow to dry
  • Light and enjoy
 Crystallized Candles
This little light of mine I am going to let it shine,


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