DIY Family Movie Night Kit

Family Movie Night KitWe’re always looking for fun ideas to do as a family in our house–as I’m sure is the case in most houses. This DIY Family Movie Night Kit I put together to surprise my family with was one of those fun ideas that was a blast and a big hit with the kids!

The idea is simple: Get a brown grocery bag and fill it with all of the ingredients needed for a movie night (two-three movie options from Red Box, one bag of popcorn, and wrapped candy), and let them unwrap it! It’s like a party in a bag.

I chose about seven types of candy and wrapped individual serving sizes so that we all got a choice of what candy we wanted (there’s five of us), and we had two options left over just in case some options weren’t favored.

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4th of July Crafts

It shouldn’t surprise me that it’s already almost July. This year (and every year lately it seems) is going by at lightning speed. With July 4th right around the corner (literally, it’s next weekend!) here are some fabulous crafts and projects to inspire you!


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Patterned Photo Mat


Sometimes you just need a little color in your life. Whether it’s a book with a crazy story, dessert after dinner, or just a fun art project, we all need some color. This little project is how I recently added some to the guest room!

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Pressed Flowers {Framed}


Yesterday, Memorial Day, was a bit difficult. It was our first without my papa, a WWII vet, but my mom has worked hard to make sure we have every keepsake from. All the grandkids have every medal he earned. We also have flowers she pressed from his funeral. This craft can be done for any event, really–be it Mother’s Day or a first birthday or even if you are out walking and you find some beautiful flowers. It has just been on my mind because of my papa and because these flowers are displayed at eyesight from my bed. [Read more…]