DIY Family Coloring Book

Family Colouring Book How to create a fun and unique colouring book using family photos Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  I’m Sue Purdy from the DIY/Home Decor blog, A Purdy Little House, where I love to create and decorate using as little money as possible. I’m so happy to be here to show you this fun and unique take on a timeless tradition;

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Candle Jar Gift Wrap

candlejarpinI’m sure most of you know this, but just in case – let me inform you that Target has some pretty amazing candles. The best part they have rose gold lids. They’re so cute I knew I had to reuse them somehow. That’s when I got the idea for candle jar gift wrap!

To get started you need to clean your candle jar. There are many different tutorials on how to do this from Pinterest. The one I found that works best is to boil some water, pour it directly into your jar (over the wax), let it set for about 20 minutes, and then pull the wax out. It’s surprising how easy it comes. Of course, you’ll want to clean it really well afterward.

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How To Make Crystallized Marbles

Processed with MoldivHey there, craft-lovers! I’m popping over from Just Mom Matters this month to share the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most family-friendly (not to mention educational) craft I’ve ever completed — how to make crystallized marbles.

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DIY Potato Stamp Cat Print Shirt

Every year for Halloween I have to a have a new t-shirt to dress up and dress down that just really sets the tone for the Holiday. This year I decided to make one, and it might be the best one.

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