New Years Wish Jar



This year I have resolved to overhaul my New Year’s resolutions. It could be true what they say, “Resolutions don’t work.” Maybe because life simply gets in the way, or our resolutions are too lofty. Perhaps it’s due to a lack of diligence or possibly we just forget them as the year moves on. Perchance it’s caused by a lack of real planning. Whatever the reasoning is, I don’t think that just because we sometimes fail at achieving to reach our resolutions, we should not make them. Maybe we are just thinking about them wrong. What if, instead of big, vague resolutions we set smaller more easily achievable goals? Say, instead of resolving to lose weight, we resolve to cook at home more or order a salad as a side when we go out to dinner? What if, instead of being afraid to set a big goal, we simply put it out into the universe as a wish? How about, we set resolutions that help us in other ways than making us thinner; say reading more or having a device free night once a week? My wonderful girlfriend Amara told me that her and her boyfriend Paul had made a Wish Jar, where they slipped in their wishes throughout the year. This act of writing them down and putting them out in the open she thought went along way to them becoming a reality. She shared with me how surprised she was at the end of the year that most of them had come true! This was my inspiration for this month’s Crafty Blog and my New Year’s Resolutions.


This year also marks the first time for me to sit down with my husband at the top of the year and I wanted to find a fun way for us to set some goals for the next year. Though my husband appreciates my planning and organizing, he is not always the biggest fan when I try to include him into one of my projects, so I wanted to make it fun and easy for him. We each thought about our wishes and hopes individually for a week or so and then sat down together and wrote them out. I told my husband to try to think of small things that we could easily achieve, little steps that could lead us down a path of a healthier or happier daily life. I suggested though, that we to also set a few big wishes. Sitting across from each other at our kitchen table we shared our wishes one by one as we wrapped them up and dropped them in our Wish Jar. What I found so exciting is that, even though we have very different resolutions, more than once one of us would exclaim, “I want to do that too!” It was so wonderful to set this time aside together, to share our thoughts, goals, hopes, dreams and wishes for the year to come. I am looking forward to making our wishes come true and unrolling them on New Year’s Eve 2014 to see which ones we made a reality.


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Easy Christmas Ornaments with Kids

photo (6)

I love doing crafts with my kids. I love that it keeps them using their brains creatively and I also love to see what creations they come up with. These ornaments are super easy and my boys (ages 3 and 5) loved doing them.

You will need: Clear ornaments, glitter, glue, sequins, beads and any other random things you would want to put inside a clear ornament. I asked the boys if I could use a few of their legos but they refused to let me, we also used acrylic paint for some of our ornaments.


This activity can get a little messy so make sure to put a placemat or roll of paper down if you are worried about your table getting glitter, glue or paint on it.

What to do:  Remove the tops of the ornaments, and let the kids decide what paint color they want added, I squeezed the paint in to the ornament and then added glitter or sequins, I put the tops back on and they rolled or shook the ornaments.

Burlap & Buttons Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Decoration - Burlap and Buttons Craft

Hello My Crafty Spot readers, it’s Jen from With Christmas right around the corner, and just a few short weeks away, it’s time to start getting the kids involved in things. We are going to use two of my favorite items, burlap and buttons!

Today I am going to share with you a Christmas Tree Project for kids. This is a simple and fun project, and can be a treat for teachers and parents with preschoolers.

Christmas Tree Decoration Project

Supplies Needed:

  • Burlap
  • plastic bag or board to go behind burlap
  • Water Soluble Paints (so we don’t stain our clothes!)
  • beads, berries, or buttons for decoration

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is place a plastic bag or board under your burlap. it’s very porous so painting without something under it will also paint what is not protected.



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Twine Photo Wall Collage DIY


After seeing the photo collage wall over at The House of Smiths I knew I had to make one like theirs and there was a space in my house just perfect for it. I already had cup hooks so I started screwing them into the wall, on either side of the alcove. At this point I’d had a few cocktails and admittedly I had to redo this process a few times to make sure the cup hooks were straight so now I have a few holes in the wall I need to fill. I didn’t measure anything, I can’t stand measuring things so I eyeballed it. After all the cup hooks were screwed in and my fingers were super sore I added the string and tied it very tight on the last cup hook.


Blah! That part was the worst part and most boring of the entire project. Now came the fun stuff! I used my Project Life Kit (sunshine edition) and flipped through all the cards to see which ones I would like in my collage. I also went through my hundreds and hundreds of Instax Mini prints and chose the ones I liked best for this project. I went through tons of old photos and new photos in different sizes and started hanging photos up with mini clothes pins. I went through more than 200! The finished project is absolutely amazing, I am so in love with this-it’s stunning! My husband came home at night and stared at it five minutes and told me he absolutely loves it. My kids love it too, they love finding photos of themselves hidden throughout and I love that I’ve started the steps to decorating!



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