Pottery Barn Inspired Slate Tile Placeholders Tutorial

Hey there! Today I have a fun craft that you can make in just four super easy steps.

DIY Chalkboard Tile Place Card Holders

These fun chalkboard tile place card holders are perfect for a fun get-together and they could not be more simple to make. I was inspired to make these when I saw Pottery Barn’s slate tile place card holders in their catalog.

 PB Inspiration Slate Tile Place Holders

Honestly people,  I wish I could buy one of everything in Pottery Barn (maybe even two of some things!). But until the big money starts rolling in, I will have to find a creative way to get a similar look for cheaper. For around $20 bucks you can buy their 14 tiles and two wooden stands or….you can do like I did and make your own for about $4. 

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DIY Nautical Nursery Art


DIY Nautical Nursery Art


What you’ll need:


  • 3 12×12 canvases
  • 3 2oz bottles of acrylic paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Vinyl
  • Contact Paper
  • Acetone (optional)

Start by cutting out the chain link background using your silhouette machine and stretch it in the studio to match your canvas size. Initially I thought I could use one chainlink background for all three canvases, but the pictures turn out much better if you used a fresh vinyl each time. The vinyl will cost less than the canvas, so in my opinion it’s worth it.
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DIY Stenciled Burlap Pillow



Hello My Crafty Spot readers!  Today we are going to do something I love to do ALL of the time.  Work with burlap and create a personalized throw pillow!!  Now, I don’t create burlap throw pillows all of the time, but I am a big fan of burlap and use it on a weekly basis!  Burlap is one of those fabrics that looks good all by itself, but is also easily dressed up.

To get starter, you need to gather your supplies:

  • Sewing machine
  • Piece of cardboard or plastic
  • 14” x 14” pillow form
  • 2 pieces of 16” x 16” of cut burlap (ironed)
  • stencil
  • fabric paint and foam brush

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Anthropologie-Inspired Hair Ties

Anthropologie-Inspired Hair Ties
{This tutorial is for personal use only.}


I love the crystalline hair ties from Anthropologie! They are such an effortless way to dress up a ponytail! I have made the Emi Jay-style hair ties before and figured out an easy way to add some glam to a plain hair tie, here’s how:

You will need:

  • Beads, Satin Flowers, or Pendants
  • 5/8” Fold Over Elastic (cut in 9 -9.5” pieces)
  • Nylon Fishing Line
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Crimp Beads*
  • Jewelry Crimp Tool*** Optional



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