Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Diaper Shower


Have you ever been (or are planning to attend) a diaper shower? Diaper showers are just as they sound…a shower consisting of only diapers as gifts. Instead of bringing your gift in a boring plastic bag why not get a little creative and dress those diapers up for the occasion!

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DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Hello Crafters! It’s Erin, back again from The Blue Eyed Dove. My sister is getting married this June and we are in full wedding festivity mode! Earlier this month we threw a bridal shower for her and decided to go with a bubbly, sparkly and floral theme. One of the highlights of this party was our Mimosa Bar. {That is of course where the “bubbly” part of the theme comes from!} We decked the bar out with a sequins gold table cloth and made several tissue paper flowers to create a focal point above the bar. It turned out great, and was very easy. Today, I thought I’d share this simple tissue paper flower tutorial with you. [Read more…]

DIY Pinata for a Pirate Birthday Party


Hey My Crafty Spot Friends! It’s Ashley from 3 Little Greenwoods back to share an awesome tutorial for How to Make a DIY Pinata!

When our youngest son asked for a Pirate Birthday Party with fun pinata I searched everywhere but could not find one that I like or could afford.

So I made one of my own! Let me show you how I created this Pirate Flag DIY Pinata from simple supplies you may already have at home.

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DIY Paper Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

I’ve always been a party person. I have been hosting and organizing parties since I was in elementary school and for a long time thought I would become an event planner of some kind. I never did, but I still love gathering people together no matter what the reason for celebration is. With the Chinese New Year coming up, I decided to throw together a little party plan to celebrate! Chinese New Year is one we don’t hear a ton about, so it was fun getting to research it a little and make my own decorations!

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