DIY Paper Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

I’ve always been a party person. I have been hosting and organizing parties since I was in elementary school and for a long time thought I would become an event planner of some kind. I never did, but I still love gathering people together no matter what the reason for celebration is. With the Chinese New Year coming up, I decided to throw together a little party plan to celebrate! Chinese New Year is one we don’t hear a ton about, so it was fun getting to research it a little and make my own decorations!

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Easy Felt Valentine Envelopes

Valentine’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays recently. It’s hard to hate a holiday that’s all about love! This year I’ve been having a lot of fun decorating and doing crafts around the holiday.

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DIY Paper Crowns – A NYE Must!


New Years Eve is my second most favorite holiday. For years I worked so hard to set up the perfect new year’s eve. Sparkly dresses, champagne cocktails, lots of glitter . . . but there was always something missing.

Until 2010. In 2010 on December 31st, I ‘officially’ met my the man of my dreams. He would say that day led us on our journey to fall in love. I , of course, would say we fell in love that very day. . .

because we did

Since then our New Years Eve’s have been a little different. Sometimes there’s still sparkly dresses, sometimes we’re just in jeans, and this year we’ll be in our pj’s.

But one thing is still the same from those days before I met my handsome husband . . . I always wear a crown.

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Easy Football Tablescape

Hello My Crafty Spot readers! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days back to share an easy football tablescape with you! A couple of weekends ago, our big state rival football game was played. It is a game we never miss. The Iowa State Cyclones were taking on the Iowa Hawkeyes. We live closer to “Hawkeye country”, but we are HUGE Cyclone fans so this is a big game for us.

This year, I decided to put together an easy football tablescape for the game. I only used things that I already had on hand so it didn’t cost any money. This way, I have to be more creative with what I have.

Easy Football Tablescape

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