Valentine’s Day Paper Crafts


Valentine’s day is just around the corner (say what?!?!) I am excited about all the V-day posts that will be coming on My Crafty Spot in the next week. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we have a great V-day post that is being featured from Kelly and her blog, Sew Crafty Cat. 

Kelly has a few great ideas to use crafting to shout out, “Be My Valentine!” From a card, to turning a plain gift bag into an adorable DIY Valentine bag, there are so many ways to take paper and change things up to show your love.

To see her entire post on using paper to liven things up, click here. 

If you are interested in having one of your projects featured, you can submit here.


Love True Love – Valentine Sign

Hi!  It’s me, Liz!  Here again to show you this fun sign I made for Valentine’s Day.  Love True Love.  Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?  Well I thought this sign would be just perfect to go with any Valentine’s Day Decor.  It turned out super cute and was really easy to make.
Here is how I made this lovable sign:
I used a 1×8 piece of pine that was cut 14 inches tall.  I painted the board using red acrylic paint.  I used 2 coats so it was really covered.  After I let it dry, I used a vinyl stencil and placed that onto the board (my friend cut out my stencil for me).  Instead of using the vinyl as the lettering, I removed the letters so that I could paint in those areas.  After I made sure the stencil was really on there, I used white and pink acrylic paint to paint my letters and hearts inside the stencil.  Before they were completely dry, I removed the stencil so that it wouldn’t pull away any of the paint and I would have nice sharp lines.

DIY Paper Heart Picture Frame Tutorial


Hi everyone! I’m back today sharing a super easy Valentine’s Day craft.


This project requires:

  • A heart paper puncher
  • An old book
  • Scrap book paper
  • Glue stick
  • Picture frame

Re-Purposed Snowman Golf Balls

I love decorating with snowmen.  While Christmas decorations have to be put away after the holidays, snowmen can be left out for months after the month of December.  I came up with this simple snowman craft after someone gave me a bag of golf balls and told me to figure out something to do with them!  I’m always up for a good re-purposing project and think that this craft is a great way to use up some old, beat up golf balls.  (The more used they are, the better!)

In addition to golf balls, you’ll need:
  • Craft Paint (Creamy white, golden brown, black, orange)
  • Ultra-fine tip black Sharpie pen
  • Red-Orange colored pencil
  • Antiquing Stain
  • Acrylic sealer  or polyurethane
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (I used clear glass glitter, but any kind of glitter will be fine.)
Begin by painting the golf balls with two coats of the creamy white colored paint.  You’ll have to one side of the golf balls and let them dry before painting the other side.  When I painted mine, I used the rack that came in my Glitter Tray  made by Martha Stewart.  It has little pegs in it that are perfect for keeping the golf balls from rolling around.
Add your snowman’s face.  My snowman noses are typically a little twisty and free-form.  I also like to mix in a little of the white paint into the orange to give the nose some easy shading.

Shade around his eyes, mouth, and nose with the golden brown…..this makes the face really pop.

Add some detail to the corner of the snowman’s eyes with the Sharpie pen.
When all the paint is dry, lightly dampen the snowman’s cheek area and then color in the cheek with the colored pencil.  Smear the color into the golf ball with your finger.