DIY Paper Heart Picture Frame Tutorial


Hi everyone! I’m back today sharing a super easy Valentine’s Day craft.


This project requires:

  • A heart paper puncher
  • An old book
  • Scrap book paper
  • Glue stick
  • Picture frame

Re-Purposed Snowman Golf Balls

I love decorating with snowmen.  While Christmas decorations have to be put away after the holidays, snowmen can be left out for months after the month of December.  I came up with this simple snowman craft after someone gave me a bag of golf balls and told me to figure out something to do with them!  I’m always up for a good re-purposing project and think that this craft is a great way to use up some old, beat up golf balls.  (The more used they are, the better!)

In addition to golf balls, you’ll need:
  • Craft Paint (Creamy white, golden brown, black, orange)
  • Ultra-fine tip black Sharpie pen
  • Red-Orange colored pencil
  • Antiquing Stain
  • Acrylic sealer  or polyurethane
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (I used clear glass glitter, but any kind of glitter will be fine.)
Begin by painting the golf balls with two coats of the creamy white colored paint.  You’ll have to one side of the golf balls and let them dry before painting the other side.  When I painted mine, I used the rack that came in my Glitter Tray  made by Martha Stewart.  It has little pegs in it that are perfect for keeping the golf balls from rolling around.
Add your snowman’s face.  My snowman noses are typically a little twisty and free-form.  I also like to mix in a little of the white paint into the orange to give the nose some easy shading.

Shade around his eyes, mouth, and nose with the golden brown…..this makes the face really pop.

Add some detail to the corner of the snowman’s eyes with the Sharpie pen.
When all the paint is dry, lightly dampen the snowman’s cheek area and then color in the cheek with the colored pencil.  Smear the color into the golf ball with your finger.

Easy Christmas Ornaments with Kids

photo (6)

I love doing crafts with my kids. I love that it keeps them using their brains creatively and I also love to see what creations they come up with. These ornaments are super easy and my boys (ages 3 and 5) loved doing them.

You will need: Clear ornaments, glitter, glue, sequins, beads and any other random things you would want to put inside a clear ornament. I asked the boys if I could use a few of their legos but they refused to let me, we also used acrylic paint for some of our ornaments.


This activity can get a little messy so make sure to put a placemat or roll of paper down if you are worried about your table getting glitter, glue or paint on it.

What to do:  Remove the tops of the ornaments, and let the kids decide what paint color they want added, I squeezed the paint in to the ornament and then added glitter or sequins, I put the tops back on and they rolled or shook the ornaments.

Elegant & Simple Holiday Decor

Hello My Crafty Spot readers! It’s Jen from over here to share another fun and quick craft with you today. I love making simple and easy crafts, and when it comes to Christmas, those crafts can become more and more technical. This year I decided to keep things simple, so today I am going to share with you a very Simple Christmas Decor idea.

Simple Christmas Decor

I love to decorate around the house for every holiday. Decorating around the house usually takes a back seat in my house because time seems to always be an issue. I like to decorate, so when I do it is usually something simple, yet festive.

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard, and sometimes just a little splash of color in the right place can make all of the difference in a room and the ambiance. Taking the time is usually the hard part, which is why I like the quick and easy route!

Simple Christmas Decor

To make this simple Christmas decor you only need a few things on hand:Jar

  • Ball Jar
  • Burlap
  • flowers of choice
  • Mod Podge



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