St. Patrick’s Day Beer Cap Wreath

Beer Cap Wreath Featured Image

I’m so happy to be back for my second post at My Crafty Spot! If you missed my first post here, I’m Melissa and you can always find me over at A Prudent Life. I’d love you to pop over and say hi!

About 8 years ago, I realized we should be saving bottle caps for future DIY projects. We keep a container for them in a kitchen drawer with the bottle opener. When it gets full, the caps get divided by color family and stored in the craft room. A big wall art project is in the works, but I decided to use some of our collection for a great St.Patrick’s Day project. It was so easy!


  • 12″ Wire Wreath Form (about $3)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Other Thick Adhesive
  • Bottle Caps (I used 56)

Materials For Beer Cap Wreath

I considered wrapping the frame in burlap ribbon, thinking the caps would better adhere to it. I did a dry run before gluing the ribbon to the frame. It wasn’t the look I envisioned. After trying and vetoing about 5 other kinds of ribbon, it was time to test going ribbon-less! I used hot glue to attach one cap directly to the frame and it worked!

Before I attached any others, I planned my design for the inner and outer loops. I ended up doing a brighter green on the inside with darker green, gold, and black around the outside. One thing I LOVE about this project is that every wreath will be totally unique!

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Slainte Irish Burlap Banner for St. Patrick’s Day


Slainte: Cheers. In Good Health. Toast that is popular in Ireland. During my last visit to Ireland I picked up many things with Slainte written on them. I heard this toast said many times and I really love it. If you are looking for an easy way to decorate this St. Patrick’s day then download my Slainte Irish Burlap Banner. It is super easy to make and can be hung anywhere. I decided to tie it on my new DIY Grapevine Succulent wreath !


Slainte DIY Irish Printable Banner Burlap

Now… when I say this banner is easy, I mean it is REALLY EASY. Here is how I did it!

Materials: My Slainte Printable , Burlap, Twine, Scissors, Hot Glue

Step 1. Print the Slainte Printable banner and cut out all of the pieces

Slainte DIY Irish Printable Banner Burlap


Step 2. Cut burlap into triangle shape using the printable as a guideSlainte DIY Irish Printable Banner Burlap

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Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art

Hello again!  I’m Katie from View From The Fridge, and I’m so excited to be back this month with an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft.  I’m not sure about you, but I still love pallet art.  AND … I love it even more when there is no sawing, cutting, nails, or screws involved!

The secret?  Wood shims.  They’re cut to size.  They’re super cheap, and they’re easy to paint and work with.  The shims came 42 to a pack, so I got just a little carried away and made three pallets.  I happened to buy mine from Lowes … for $3.87!  Not bad for three pallets!

Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day


Pick your favorite or make all three!  Here’s how …


Easy Wood Shim Pallet Art for St. Patrick's Day


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Lucky Clover Potted Plant


We are two months into the new year and I can’t believe it has gone by so fast!  I’ve cleaned up Valentine’s Day and am moving on to the next holiday, St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m was never a big celebrator of this holiday as a kid, but with my own kids, I’m wanting to get more in the spirit and the fun of St. Patrick’s Day.  Part of that, is putting up some St. Patrick’s decorations.  My son is really into finding “clovers” in our yard (I think they are weeds).  So I wanted to bring some clovers into our decorations since he is excited about that aspect of the holiday.  I put together this lucky clover potted plant complete with polka dots to celebrate our luck!

This project was simple to put together.  You don’t have to be a professional flower arranger to make this.  The first thing to do is paint your pot.  I just used regular acrylic paint in white and gave it about 2 coats.  Using a sponge brush (that is used for stenciling), I took my green acrylic paint and made my polka dots.  They are very random, no pattern at all.  Then I took my styrofoam half circle and turned it upside down in and placed it in the pot.  I made sure this fit while I was at the craft store.  Then I took my wire cutters and trimmed off the pieces of the clover plant pics I picked up at the craft store.


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