DIY Family Coloring Book

Family Colouring Book How to create a fun and unique colouring book using family photos Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  I’m Sue Purdy from the DIY/Home Decor blog, A Purdy Little House, where I love to create and decorate using as little money as possible. I’m so happy to be here to show you this fun and unique take on a timeless tradition;

The Coloring Book. [Read more…]

How to Make a Vintage Toolbox Centerpiece

How to Make a Vintage Toolbox Easter or Spring Centerpiece Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Vintage Toolbox

Hi there. I’m Sue Purdy, and I blog over at A Purdy Little House. I’m so excited to be here as a contributor and to show you this cool new Spring project I completed.

We all love Joanna Gaines’ “chippy Fixer Upper vintage farmhouse” style, of course. While I don’t typically use this style of decor in my own home, I can appreciate it’s unique beauty. However, whenever Easter and Spring rolls around, I find myself oddly attracted to all things farmhouse and vintage. That being said, I went online looking for an affordable vintage toolbox to use as a centerpiece. There was literally zero, zip, nada available. So………………… I decided to make my own. [Read more…]

DIY Valentine’s Day Arrow Decor

DIY Arrow Decor / Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day Decor / DIY / easy Dollar Store craft /

I’m so excited to be sharing this fun project with you this week, as one of the contributors to My Crafty Spot blog. This project was inspired by one of my recent trips to a thrift store, where I found a really cool (and slightly odd) item that looked like an arrow that had been shot through a cube. For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to recreate it, using fun and vibrant colors. [Read more…]