Patterned Photo Mat


Sometimes you just need a little color in your life. Whether it’s a book with a crazy story, dessert after dinner, or just a fun art project, we all need some color. This little project is how I recently added some to the guest room!

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DIY Vintage Chalkboard


I’m not over the chalkboard trend. I’m just not, and I’m not going to apologize for it. But I am ready for some updates to the chalkboards I’ve got around my house.

When the trend started, there was also the trend of clean lines and all white frames. But I for one am over that. I’m ready for some mixin’ and matchin’ – add some wooden features and copper in with my white frames. I’d like to add eclectic vibes to my space.

One day I saw that beautiful frame up there . . . just laying on the sidewalk. And that is when I knew. It was time to start that mixin’ and matchin’ and add those eclectic vibes to my space. Starting with my favorite piece, the chalkboard.

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DIY Sponge Stamp


The joy of snail mail should be known by all. Since I was a little girl walking down the driveway to the mailbox to get the mail has always been my favorite part of the day. After I started going to church camp, I started sending and receiving lots more mail from my out of town friends. Those cards going out had to be top notch pretty so I could impress my new friends. And that is when I started making stamps. . .

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DIY Refinished Laminate Dresser


I somehow inherited an old laminate dresser that I really had no need for. So when I found out a friend was preggo I knew it would be perfect for her little one’s room. All I had to do was make it pretty.

I had painted laminate furniture before, but I always used Zinnser water based primer. This time I was covering up a dark stain on a really rough piece of laminate furniture so I decided to go with the oil based primer. I was excited to see the difference between the two!

What were those differences? Well the oil based primer definitely covered better and dried faster. But it was messy. and sticky. and messy. Did I mention it was messy? The water based primer definitely goes on like a paint, but the oil based is, obviously, oil based.

Let’s get to how I made this thing go from a rough piece of old laminate furniture into a bright and happy princess blue dresser, perfect for a nursery!

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