DIY Potato Stamp Cat Print Shirt

Every year for Halloween I have to a have a new t-shirt to dress up and dress down that just really sets the tone for the Holiday. This year I decided to make one, and it might be the best one.

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DIY ‘Beaded’ Leather Bracelet


Accessories can change an outfit from boring to bangin’ just with the easy of putting snapping an earring. But sometimes jewelry can be expensive, but a silly little thing like money shouldn’t stop a girl from keeping her options open. So today I’m gong to share a quick and easy DIY for a ‘beaded’ leather bracelet.

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Coffee Filter Monogram


I have monograms all over my house. I’ve always been told it was a southern thing, but I’m not southern. Even still, I have quite a few monograms, and some of them – especially the ones I DIY –  are in need of an update. So here’s how I updated a simple cardboard monogram to take it from a dark navy, to a soft, flowery, beachy even monogram with some simple coffee filters.

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Watercolor coffee filter flower wreath



Watercolor is everywhere these days, and I have no problem with it. I love the soft, muted yet still bold designs it cane bring to your designs. So when I needed something new to bring some style to my boring, white front door, watercolor is what I thought of first.

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