Welcome Aboard Wreath

Hi again!  It’s Liz from Liz on Call.  Here today to share with you a fun addition to a front door!  A welcome aboard wreath.
Welcome Aboard Lifesaver Wreath perfect for #summer #wreath

When I decided to make a new wreath for my front door, I did not start out with this idea in my mind.  It was kind of born out of necessity.  You see, I received this free wreath form in a swag bag from a recent craft night I attended.  They even included some cute Riley Blake strips of fabric so I could make a cute new wreath.  Well my son got a hold of the wreath form and decided to use it as a Frisbee.  So now I had a broken wreath form.

Welcome Aboard Lifesaver Wreath perfect for #summer #wreath

I remembered I had some red duck tape in the house somewhere and went searching for it.  I found it, along with some rope, in the garage.  And the welcome aboard wreath came to be.

Welcome Aboard Lifesaver Wreath perfect for #summer #wreath

The first thing I did was wrap the broken end with duck tape to fix it.

Welcome Aboard Lifesaver Wreath perfect for #summer #wreath

Then I wrapped one single piece of duck tape at four different points on the wreath form.  Trying as best I could by eye balling them, to make them equal distance apart. (Just a little off.) 🙂

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Personalized Bakeware

Is it wedding season where you live?  About this same time each year, we receive several wedding invitations.  I always want to go and support the bride and groom and their families, but sometimes, I just don’t have a lot to spend on a gift.  Are you in the same boat?  Well this personalized bakeware is the perfect wedding gift!  It is easy to do and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Bakeware 1

The first thing you will need to make one of these is a glass baking dish.  You can buy these for $10 or less at Target, Walmart, or anywhere you can buy baking supplies.  Maybe they have even registered for one!

Bakeware 2

Using my cutting machine and vinyl, I cut out the last name of the soon to be bride and groom.  I actually cut a mirrored image of the name.  I will show you why in a minute.  I placed my vinyl stencil on the bottom of the baking pan.  If you don’t have vinyl and a cutting machine, I have done the same thing with contact paper and an exacto knife.  It works just as well.

Bakeware 3

The reason I cut a mirrored image is so that the name reads correctly when you are looking at the top of the pan.

Bakeware 4

You will need to buy some glass etching cream.  I’m not familiar with brand names, I just picked one at the craft store.

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Personalized Coasters

Personalized Coasters 1

Have you ever had to shop for a gift for someone that seems to have everything?  I know there are many people on my gift list that I always have a hard time shopping for.  I love a good gift card, but sometimes a gift card just doesn’t seem right.  A personalized gift is always a good idea and these personalized coasters are super easy and inexpensive to make.

The first thing you will need are some 4 inch by 4 inch white tile, that are found at The Home Depot.  You can free hand your designs or like I did here, create a design on your computer and print it out the size of your tiles.  Once you have it the size you want and trimmed, take a pencil and cover the back side of your design with pencil lead.  Then place the design onto your coaster, pencil lead side down.  Use your pencil to trace the lines of your design, make sure to push down pretty hard, onto your tile.

Personalized Coasters 2

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Lucky Clover Potted Plant


We are two months into the new year and I can’t believe it has gone by so fast!  I’ve cleaned up Valentine’s Day and am moving on to the next holiday, St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m was never a big celebrator of this holiday as a kid, but with my own kids, I’m wanting to get more in the spirit and the fun of St. Patrick’s Day.  Part of that, is putting up some St. Patrick’s decorations.  My son is really into finding “clovers” in our yard (I think they are weeds).  So I wanted to bring some clovers into our decorations since he is excited about that aspect of the holiday.  I put together this lucky clover potted plant complete with polka dots to celebrate our luck!

This project was simple to put together.  You don’t have to be a professional flower arranger to make this.  The first thing to do is paint your pot.  I just used regular acrylic paint in white and gave it about 2 coats.  Using a sponge brush (that is used for stenciling), I took my green acrylic paint and made my polka dots.  They are very random, no pattern at all.  Then I took my styrofoam half circle and turned it upside down in and placed it in the pot.  I made sure this fit while I was at the craft store.  Then I took my wire cutters and trimmed off the pieces of the clover plant pics I picked up at the craft store.


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