The Upycled Rustic Painted Stool

The Upycled Painted Stool

Hello! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days back to share a small DIY project with you!

This project came to be because of a few chores my kids have around the house. My kids are at the age that they can do things like bring up the laundry, put away their laundry and take out the garbage. But, the laundry part has been a point of contention the last few months.

See, my daughter can’t reach the rod in her closet to get her clothes down or to hang them up. Every laundry day, her big brother wonders why he has to hang his clothes up if his sister doesn’t. He knows why, but it still needs to be brought up every time laundry day rolls around.

Thanks to the painted stool, our laundry day contention has been resolved!

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Five Minute Fort

My kids love forts, tents, hide-outs – anything they can get in to hide and play. So, while outside the other day, this Five Minute Fort idea came about.

Five MInute Tent

In our backyard, we have a spot between our tree and the “bird hotel” where we used to have a hammock. I thought this would be the perfect spot for a Five Minute Fort.

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Cute Outdoor Trash Can

Hello! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share my cute outdoor trash can! I know, “cute” and “trash can” don’t really go together, but I promise, this time they do. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but during the spring and summer months, our family eats a lot of meals outside; from the kids taking snacks outside to grilling meals and eating on the picnic blanket. With that, comes a lot of extra trash floating around the yard during these months.

Since our regular garbage cans are on the other side of the garage, the kids “forget” to put their trash in them. This year, I am making it so easy that they can’t “forget” anymore.

I picked up this little trash can (it stands about 15″ tall) at a yard sale. I thought it would make the perfect trash can for our back yard.


To make this trash can “cute”, I painted it red.

garbage can upcycle

To make the purpose of this little can more obvious to everybody, I screwed a small chalkboard on the outside and wrote “trash” with a white permanent marker.

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DIY Iron Door Herb Garden


Hello! Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share with you my DIY Herb Garden!

We have so much fun growing vegetables and herbs in the summer. They taste better and we save a lot of money by not having to buy them at the store. My daughter and I love grape tomatoes so much that you can often find us eating them right off the plant. 🙂

Another thing I can’t get enough of in the summer is basil. Tomatoes + basil = YUMMY! So, every summer, I make sure to have plenty of basil planted.

This year, I decided to make our herb garden a little differently and I am so happy with the way it came out!

It all started when I found this iron door at a garage sale. I pictured it in our yard somewhere, but didn’t have an idea right away. After a few days of moving it all around the yard, a light bulb went off in my head and I knew it would be perfect for a herb garden.

These galvanized buckets were in my craft room, but after changing things up a bit, I didn’t have a need for them in there anymore. I thought they would be the perfect home for my herbs this year! I had already painted them with chalkboard paint so they were ready to be labeled for herbs.


To get the buckets “herb ready”, I drilled four holes in the bottom of each one.


Then, I put a layer of mulch in the bottom of each bucket.

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