DIY Ruffle Dishtowels

Hi everyone!  Katie here from View From The Fridge back this month with an easy way to add a little character to some plain ol’ white dishtowels.

Since adding a third little boy to our family several weeks ago, I’m all about adding a little frilly, girly flair to other areas of our home wherever I can (you know … to feel less outnumbered in a house full of boys).  Today, I’ll show you how to turn your average, ordinary white dish towels into fun, shabby chic towels that you’ll want to take out of the drawer and display!

DIY Ruffle Dishtowel  |  View From The Fridge

Cute, right?  The kind of towels you’ll want hanging on your stove or dishwasher when guests come over.  The kind of towels that add just the perfect shabby chic touch to your kitchen.  The kind of towels you’ll want your guests to notice. [Read more…]

Upcycled Wine Gift Bags

Hello!  It’s Katie from View From The Fridge back today with a quick and easy project, perfect for any Summer party you might be invited to … DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bags.  The best part?  These bags are made from my husband’s old shirts which I was finally able to get him to retire.

Do you have any old long sleeve shirts or sweaters that aren’t even worthy of donating?  My husband had several.  Holes in the armpits (or stained armpits … sorry, Matt), ripped collars, coffee stains of the front, etc.  Shirts that are beyond their lifespan … as shirts that is!  Well … make ’em into these cute, custom wine bottle gift bags!  I sometimes feel like bringing the hostess a bottle of wine is generic, but dressed up in these cute gift bags, and I feel much better about handing it over!

Wine Bottle Gift Bags from Old Shirts


Now, they don’t have to say ‘Party’ … you can add whatever word or words you like (I was feeling a bit … uncreative in the wording department when I made these, I guess).  Add a little ribbon to top it off, and it makes a great hostess gift (or housewarming gift, or birthday gift, etc)!

Wine Bottle Gift Bags from Old Shirts


Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Old shirts or sweaters.  We used two old button down shirts of my husbands and one kids sweater (I actually bought the red sweater below from the kids section at Goodwill for $2).  You can make two bags from each shirt (because there’s two sleeves … obviously!).
  2. Felt or fabric circle for bottom of bag.  I used some old white canvas fabric scraps.  The circle only needs to be just slightly larger than the bottom of the wine bottle, so you don’t need much.
  3. White canvas fabric scrap for ‘label’
  4. Letter or word rubber stamps
  5. Ink pad or craft paint
  6. Embroidery Floss and needle
  7. Sewing machine

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Thumbtack Monogram Pallet

Thumbtack Monogram Pallet Sign


With the nice weather finally here, I was inspired to do a bit of work on our front porch.  We have yellow house with a green roof, so adding other colors is a bit tricky.  I finally decided on some new ceramic planters for either side of the door in a royal … almost navy blue.  While they’re still empty (we’re up in Minnesota and it’s still not quite warm enough for flowers yet), the front door was looking a bit, well … naked.

All winter, I had a white flocked wintery looking wreath.  As soon as the snow began to melt, however, that was the first thing to go!  No more reminders of this long, brutal winter!  Since then, the door has been in need of something!

Inspired by the color of my new pottery … I decided to go with a DIY pallet sign.  Inspired by several thumbtack projects I’ve seen lately, I decided to add a thumbtack monogram to the pallet.

I love making DIY pallet signs.  They’re SO easy and simple … and inexpensive!  I made some for St. Patrick’s Day, and decided this is exactly what our front door needed this Spring!

As for the monogram … earlier this year I was blown away by Angela’s Thumbtack Ampersand from Life in Velvet.  I made a mental note that I would be thumbtacking something in my future.  Then … I was reminded of that ‘note’ when Melissa from A Prudent Life posted this Shim Tack Starburst Mirror for her bathroom.

A thumbtack monogram for my DIY pallet it was!

Here’s how I did it …




  1. Pack of 15″ wood shims from Home Depot / Lowes (or similar)
  2. Wood Glue
  3. Paint and paint brushes for pallet (I used navy and white)
  4. Craft letter from JoAnn or Michael’s.  Mine was cardboard … I tried the wood letters and it was WAAAY too difficult to stick the thumbtacks into!
  5. Speaking of thumbtacks … you’ll need a bunch!  I ended up using just over 800 (!) for this letter.  I got mine from Target.
  6. Ribbon to hang pallet from
  7. Optional – drill and bit to drill hole to hang ribbon through.
  8. 3M adhesive strips (not pictured) to attach letter to pallet.  I used the velcro picture hanging kind.


FIRST … Make your pallet.

  1. Paint your wood shims and let dry.  I used 11 shims for the front.
    Thumbtack Monogram Pallet Sign



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DIY Hexagon Clock

DIY Hexagon Clock  |  My Crafty Spot

I loved chevrons (still do).  Then I loved herringbone (still do).  Now I’m sort of obsessed with hexagons.  Yep … I jumped on that bandwagon, and I’m loving’ in!  I’ve been wanting to do something with hexagons for a while now, I just couldn’t decide what.  I was strolling the clearance aisle at Michael’s and I came upon an unfinished wood clock face for $2.99.  Also, just so we’re clear here, when I say ‘strolling’ I really mean quickly perusing the area knowing at any moment my two year old’s sucker would be gone, and his cooperation with this shopping trip would quickly come to an end.

Ideas were forming in my mind already, and I initially thought that I would paint or stencil hexagons onto the face.  Then my hexagon paper punch arrived (love Amazon Prime), and my plan changed slightly.

Let’s skip right to the finished product … here’s how it turned out:


We’re in the process of getting baby #3’s nursery completed (eta mid-May).  This clock combines the main colors we’re planning in the nursery … yellow, turquoise/mint, and navy.  If baby 3 happens to be a little lady, maybe I’ll repaint the hands or outer edge bright pink (98% sure that #3 is a boy, though … just a gut feelin’).

Want to make one in colors customized to your decor?

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Hexagon Clock  |  My Crafty Spot


  1. Clock face
  2. White craft paint or spray paint for clock face (already painted in picture above)
  3. Cardstock (I used three colors for this clock)
  4. Hexagon punch (I used Fiskar’s Large Hexagon punch)
  5. Clock movement kit (Michael’s … use your 40% off coupon to get this for around $5).
  6. Mod Podge (I used the glossy finish)

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