Easy Onesies Baby Shower Banner

Onesies Banner Header

Hi Crafters! It’s Erin, back this month from The Blue Eyed Dove. And this month I have a little confession to make…when it comes to parties I am obsessed with making easy banners.

{Not convinced? Check out some of my banners here, here and here.}

Last week I helped decorate for a baby shower, well let me rephrase that…a baby boy shower. In case you haven’t noticed when it comes to searching for something acceptable to use for a baby boy shower the scrapbook paper selection is sorta limited. I went to two different craft stores in search of the perfect paper and only came up with two coordinating selections. Two…that’s it. Thank goodness my creative juices started flowing and I decided to go with a solid piece of scrapbook paper and make up something of my own for the third piece.

Let me just preface this tutorial now by saying I love the way this banner turned out! Now, onto how everything came together…
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Candy Corn Fall Craft

Candy Corn 023

Hi Crafters! It’s Erin again, back from The Blue Eyed Dove. Are you ever in the need of a quick and easy craft to help keep a little one occupied? Well do I have a project for you! And it’s pretty perfect for this time of the year too. Think fall…and one of fall’s best candies 🙂

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DIY Sea Shell Vase

Sea Shell Vase Header

Hello Crafters! It’s Erin, back this month from The Blue Eyed Dove. I hope you have had a great summer so far!

Earlier this month I spent a week on the beautiful Carolina Coast where I had the chance to soak up the sun, shark watch, eat a lot of seafood and collect some sea shells. At the time I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d do with the 20 plus sea shells I collected, but it’s always good to plan ahead…because let’s face it when you live in Indiana and want to make a sea shell craft you’ll have to head to the nearest craft store to pick some up.

Once I got home and out of vacation mode the creative juices started flowing…why not spray-paint the sea shells gold {because I’m completely obsessed with all things gold nowadays} and add them to a vase!? Here is the super-easy tutorial on how I did just that.
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Easy DIY Flower Pot Art

DIY Flower Pot Art Header

Hi, Crafters! It’s Erin, back this month from The Blue Eyed Dove. One of my favorite spring traditions is planting flowers. I’m not much of a garden person {the thought of seeing a snake while digging around in the dirt terrifies me!}, but I sure do enjoy getting out my flower pots and adding some life to them with flowers. A few years ago I got tired of looking at my colorful flowers in brown, and orange pots and decided it was time to spruce them up a bit too. So today, I thought I’d share one of my easy flower pot makeovers with you.

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