Air Plant Terrarium


I love an indoor plant. Well, if I could afford “fresh-cuts” every week, I would have them on every gosh-darn surface I could put a vase, but that isn’t good for the pocket book. Therefore, I am a fan of a sensible houseplant. It brings comfort and freshness to a room and, don’t you even get me started on the Feng Shui of it all. Sure, they brighten up the home, but living plants and flowers are really a must at work. With the humdrum of the everyday routine and all that electronic energy and stress, a plant should really be a requirement. (In a perfect world, Human Resources would hand them out and care for them.) Did I mention this craft will make you a total rock star at work? Something alive lifts the mood and is a lovely “non-screen” place to cast your gaze once in a while.


I know what you are thinking now, “My office doesn’t have any windows!” This is horrible for several reasons but (for the sake of brevity) we will keep focused on the topic at hand since plants are even more important when you can’t see nature! So, what can you grow without sun? You can always get a shade plant, a fern perhaps? Again I hear you, regretfully some of us have (how do I put this delicately?)… some of us have… a black thumb. Keeping a sensitive fern alive isn’t exactly easy and when you are working a stressful 9-5, it’s easy to neglect the little thing and before you know it, the fern has dried up and died; just like your dreams of actually leaving on time!

Well, boy do I have a solution for you; a plant that will survive without sun, with very little water and even less attention. Ladies and gentlemen I give you: the air plant. It gets better, not only can these little nuggets survive even the worst plant-ricidal thumb out there, these little things are totally rad. They are funky and weird and totally modish and did I mention really, really, really hard to kill. But wait; there’s more! Arranging these little quirky little plants is also quite Zen-like; a bonus if there ever was one. You get a plant and a little light meditation at work. You can showcase several if you have the space or shrink it down to one for the more conservative office terrain. Anyway you put it; this craft is just the greatest.



You will need:

  • A glass container
  • Decorative gravel or rocks
  • Air plants

How to:

  1. Clean the rocks and glass container
  2. Once dry, place the rocks in the bottom of the container
  3. Arrange air plants


Care of air plants:

  1. Make sure you don’t put a lid on the container; air plants need plenty of circulating air to survive.
  2. You don’t need soil and they don’t like it
  3. Remove plants once to twice a week and soak in water for about thirty minutes to an hour


IMG_5051 IMG_5053 IMG_5055 IMG_5057 IMG_5059 IMG_5061 IMG_5062 IMG_5064 IMG_5072  IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5100

Air it out,

Marcella Rose


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