3D Spider Candle Holders {Tutorial}


You guys! YOU GUYS! There is black hot glue sticks, BLACK!  Oh the possibilities, the crafts, and the fun we can have with black hot glue!!!! I am guest writer Marcella Rose and I am pretty excited about this timely find since I could not be more excited for my Halloween Soirée this year.  The theme is spiders and I have been going crazy with crafts.  I love a good theme; it gives you a place to land and a place for all the ideas to grow from.  It keeps you centered and it makes one heck of a party and this theme is totally pulling its weight.

I was catering an event recently, doing a small bites Italian theme, as I was scooping out sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts from little jars my mind wandered.  See I am getting ready for my big Halloween Soiree this Friday.  My Mind often wanders when I am prepping for a party, I make lists in my head, check off to dos and think of new ideas.  I looked at these cute little jars and thought I should reuse these for something.  The idea came to me like lightning; 3D Spider Candle Holders.  These little puppies fast and fun! You can manipulate the legs and make them look like they are crawling right into the jar.  I had so much fun doing this craft and this shoot!  This would be a terrific craft to do with the little ones too!  I give you an easy, cheap craft to spook up your house this year: 3D Spider Candle Holders.


You will need:

  • Recycled glass jars
  • Black jewelry wire
  • Black hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Candles


How to:


  • Cut 4 pieces of black jewelry wire the same length
  • Working with the jar on its side place a big circle of black glue on the jar
  • Lay the 4 pieces of wire centered in the glue and hold until dry
  • Once the first circle has dried add a second smaller circle for the head
  • Manipulate the wire to wrap around the glass, stand on the table, or into the jar
  • Add candle and light

IMG_5231 IMG_5237 IMG_5241 IMG_5244 IMG_5247 IMG_5249  IMG_5256  IMG_5262 IMG_5263 IMG_5264


To spooky nights,

Marcella Rose



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